The Cover

Simple. Quick. Easy.
Zero to Ahhh in 10 seconds!
With the built-in UltraStrong CoverLift system, Strong’s patented Dura-Shield Hardcover is as easy to open as a car door. A Strong Spas owner looks forward to a daily soak knowing there are no barriers to entry. It’s an important feature for an older user, and the 2nd time buyer who has experienced the frustration of a heavy, water-logged cover.

Lifetime Warranty
An investment in the life of your spa. Your Strong Spa is protected from weather extremes thanks to our unique Dura-Shield Hardcover. And you never have to worry about snow, as the cover will support 1000+ lbs of debris. A custom-built and pre-installed Dura-Shield Hardcover is worry-free – as opposed to a third-party ‘off-the-rack’ cover that will begin to lose effectiveness from the very first day; take
on water-weight, mold and odor, and deteriorate in just 2-3 years requiring an expensive replacement. The Dura-Shield Hardcover is an insurance policy for your hot tub. After an initial hot tub purchase, soft cover replacement is the most expensive part of hot tub ownership. A Strong Spa owner who chooses the Dura-Shield Hardcover enjoys convenience every day and money savings over time in never having to replace the cover.

DURA-SHIELD is designed with safety in mind. While this lockable, patented Dura-Shield Hardcover is engineered to be quick and easy for an adult to open,mit is specifically designed to protect against unwanted child entry.

Energy Efficient
DURA-SHIELD saves you energy and money With an insulating value of R-18, the Dura-Shield Hardcover keeps your spa hot - and ready to use without wasting energy. Also, with the unique design of the Dura-Shield hardcover, the insulation within will maintain that same R-18 for many, many years


The Base

Strong Spas’ DURA-BASE™ Insulated Base
10x thicker than the average spa base! The patented, dual-wall construction and deeper insulation of the DURA-BASE means greater heat retention; saving you energy dollars by preventing heat loss through cold patio/deck floors.

No concrete pad required
DURA-BASE is the architectural foundation of our spas. DURA-BASE is engineered to be stronger and more stable than any base on the market, in many cases eliminating the inconvenience and cost of a poured concrete slab which can easily exceed $1,000 in cost. A Strong spa built with DURA-BASE needs only to be placed on a solid, level, stable surface, saving you time, worry and money.

Pest resistant

A safer, healthier spa environment and a more structurally sound hot tub. The DURA-BASE is impervious to pests like rodents and snakes that attempt to make their homes in the warm spa cabinet. DURA-BASE is constructed without wood, eliminating rot, mold, mildew, and warping, ensuring your
spa’s structural integrity for a lifetime of carefree use.