Shell Colors

Dimension One Spas offers 8 nature-inspired acrylic colors made from premium materials. All shells are backed with ABS plastic which securely reinforces the shell strength and durability. All acrylic shells are covered by a seven year structural and surface warranty.

Unlike typical spa manufacturers, D1 uses an Elastocast® process to structurally reinforce the shell and prepare a smooth surface for jet mounting. This high density polyurethane-based product moves better with the shell during thermal expansion and contraction which prevents cracking and delaminating as well as enhancing thermal insulation and durability. D1 ensures that each shell is uniformly treated by using an automated robotic application to produce a consistent, high quality structural insulation that is better for the environment than typical fiberglass/resin systems.

  • DS_Shells Desert Stone Natural rock shades blend with calming swirls for a tranquil oasis that complements most backyard color schemes.
  • SM_Shells Smoked Marble Dark charcoal shades, deep browns and wisps of white make up this rich, luxurious color.
  • BT_ShellsBlue Topaz Reminiscent of fun days in the sun, this color is bold and tropical with waves of dark and light blue mixed with iridescent greens.
  • GM_Shells Gray Marble A smooth texture with smoky tones and natural swirls makes every shell unique.
  • S_Shells Sand This classic hot tub shell features textured grains in brown tones reminiscent endless strands of beach and salty waves.
  • MS_Shells  Moonstone Soft, modern and classy, Moonstone’s pearly white composition creates timeless beauty.
  • Ss_Shells Sunstone Like a gemstone, the warm glow of this radiant opalescent color will shine day or night as light dances off every curve.
  • O_Shells Obsidian Dark and mysterious, this deep black features multi-dimensional flakes that sparkle. Combine this color with any shade skirt for a bold and dramatic look.
Spa Skirt Colors


The warm, natural wood tones of the Terracina Collection create a realistic beauty unmatched in a hot tub exterior. Featuring colors and textures that are in harmony with nature, our innovative designs are beautiful to look at, yet easy to maintain. Terracina’s beauty and realism challenge the notion of what faux wood can look like, and allow your hot tub to be seamlessly integrated into your backyard decor. And while the Terracina collection is known for its realistic wood look, it’s just as durable as you’d expect a synthetic exterior to be. You’ll enjoy years of beauty without the tedious upkeep of real wood!
Available in a variety of colors:


Envirotect’s rugged durability is matched only by its eco-friendly footprint. This hot tub skirting option is made mostly from post-consumer recycled milk cartons called HDPE. This all-weather material doesn’t fade over time, nor does it require any staining or painting. Rain, snow, sun, heat, kids, animals – whatever abuse you dish out, Envirotect can handle it. That’s why we back it with a lifetime warranty on all Reflections and Bay hot tubs. On top of that, Envirotect is environmentally stable, does not give off harmful fumes and is recommended by the Healthy Building Network, making Envirotect the most eco-friendly hot tub cabinet material available today.