Bay Collection 

The Bay Collection is available in four models ranging in size, from a two-seater to a large spa with room for up to eight adults. From the distinctive curvilinear silhouette to the deep, fully-loaded interior, the Bay Collection is more than a sight to behold; it’s everything you could ever dream of in a spa.

• Patented Curvilinear Design
• Deepest Soaking Experience
• Patented Adjustable Stainless Steel Jets
• 4-Jet Therapy Pillow 
• D1 Hub Advanced Controls
• Terracina Skirting • Liquid FX
• One-of-a-Kind Fountains and Water Features
• UltraPure PLUS Water Management System
• Dynamic Massage Sequencer
• Echo™ Underwater Switches
Optional: • Stereo • D1 Connect App • Exterior Lighting 

Sarena Bay

The Sarena Bay is the world's first curvilinear hot tub. Unlike ordinary, square hot tubs, its patented design will ass an eye catching centerpiece to any backyard. A pair of “his and her” UltraLounges each equipped with a programmable Dynamic Massage Sequencer and patented Jet Therapy pillow, offers a full body massage. Up to 8 people can enjoy the soothing lighting FX, bubbling fountain and the cleanest water in the industry with UltraPURE PLUS.


Amore Bay

Transform your backyard into an inspiring oasis with the legendary Amore Bay. This tub’s soft curves and cutting edge features create an unmatched experience. With seven luxurious seats including “his and her” seats, two patented Jet Therapy pillows, and soothing lights and fountains, the Amore is more than just a hot tub, it’s a personal retreat.


Lotus Bay

Inspired by the elegance of the Asian water lily, the Lotus Bay offers a tranquil space to relax and reconnect. Featuring seven seats including “his and her” seats, dual patented Jet Therapy pillows, UltraLounge with Dynamic Massage Sequencer and Tactile Therapy, every spa amenity is at your fingertips.


Dupree Bay

The Dupree Bay is the most luxurious two-seater hot tub ever created for him and for her. Beneath the sight and sounds of its exquisite beauty, lies a powerful, high performance hydrotherapy machine. Enjoy 44 healing jets, two patented Jet Therapy pillows and Dynamic Massage Sequencer for a full body massage.