Service and Maintenance Tips

Salt System have become very popular over the past few years. Here are some helpful reminders on what to do.

1. The process of making chlorine form the salt creates a very high PH environment. Due to this over time the salt cell can build up deposits and become dirty. It is very important to check you salt system throughout the pool season. To check the cell turn off the system and remove the salt cell from the plumbing. Hold the salt cell up to the sky and if you can see through clearly the cell is fairly clean. If the cell is dirty then use the proper cleaner to remove the debris.
Dirty Salt Cell                                                   Clean Salt Cell

2. When the salt cell is dirty in can give inaccurate salt readings. BEFORE you add salt to the pool make sure to check the salt cell to make sure it isn't dirty. 

3. If your salt system has sensing probes those also have to be cleaned from time to time. To clean them you will use a standard tooth brush and some tooth paste. Apply the tooth paste and gently scrub the ends of the probes.