Opening and Closings

In Ground Pool Opening: 1
When it comes to opening your swimming pool remember that the earlier the better. When you open your pool earlier it is usually less expensive and if you open your pool late (i.e. may) your increase the chance you will open up to a green pool because algae was able to gain a foothold. Also, if you are planning a party it is best to open at least two weeks before that event.

When Aqua Pools opens your pool we will be removing the winter cover and putting in any ladders and handrails. Also, we will remove all plugs in the lines, start up filter system, check for leaks in the filter system, and start up the heater. After starting up the heater we will shut it down unless told otherwise. We can also add the opening chemicals if that option is chosen.

Vacuuming is NOT included during the opening. We do offer a trash vac service to be done at a later date when everything has settled to the bottom of the pool. When we trash vac we bypass your filter system so your filter equipment won't be effected by all the debris which collected over the winter.


In Ground Pool Closing:
When Aqua Pools closes your swimming pool, we will winterize all returns, skimmer lines, main drain lines, filter system, and heater. We will install all winter plugs, take out hand rails, add chemicals (if that option is chosen) and put the winter cover on. 



For any questions or to set up a opening/closing please give us a call or send us a email.