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SR Smith Slides

Turbo Twister
The TurboTwister gives you waterpark thrills in your own backyard! Whether it's the rushing water or thrilling dips and curves that you love, the TurboTwister is packed with tons of great features for the entire family. With sturdy molded-in handrails and an enclosed ladder, we've made safety a top priority
Turbo Twister Slide

The heliX offers Serious Fun all the way around with a 360-degree flume and fountain feature. Its fully roto-molded construction provides strength and durability for years to come. Like the TurboTwister, the slide features an enclosed ladder and molded handrails to ensure maximum safety. Fewer parts mean assembly is faster and easier than slides of similar design. 
Helix Slide

This full-sized addition to their rotomolded slide line stands 7'4" tall to the top of the handrails, and is available in sandstone and gray granite. Enclosed ladder and molded handrail design for maximum safety. Their unique GrandRapids water delivery system offers lots of rushing water for a fun ride.
Typhoon Slide



The BigRide swimming pool slide adds big fun to your pool with a super long, extra deep runway and cascades of rushing water for the ride of your life! The BigRide is the answer to your need for a really fun pool slide that also looks great in your backyard. Since safety is always a top priority, this slide fully complies with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Safety Standard for Swimming Pool Slides.
BigRide Slide Brochure

Inter-Fab Slides



The 7' Adrenaline slide is the tallest Inter-Fab slide in its class and it is packed with features to make it one of the most entertaining water slides on the market! From the long 16'8" runway length to the Pre-Launch Splash Zone, riders will feel like they are at the water park and will be entertained for hours! This slide is available in a right or left turn configuration.
 Adrenaline Brochure

G-Force 2


The G-Force 2 slide has a  360˚ ride that brings the amusement park excitement home to your own backyard. The Zoom Flume water delivery system is the best water delivery system in the industry to provide the best slide ride you can get.
G-Force 2 Brochure

X-Stream 2


The X-Stream 2 pool slide has a 2 turn ride that will bring excitement to any backyard. The Zoom Flume water delivery system supplies loads of water as you experience the excitement of this high banking, high splash ride.
X-Stream 2 Brochure
Wild Ride Brochure

Wild Ride


The Wild Ride slide offers up a fantastic thrill ride for the most discriminating of sliders. The Zoom Flume water delivery system supplies a rush of water to make it feel like a slide from a water park.