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In 1978, Our family started this company building Vinyl Liner Pools. They started out as basic, galvanized steel wall pools with limited shapes and designs. What made them so intriguing was the fact that they were so much less expensive than Shot-Crete or Concrete pools. The biggest thing they lacked was freedom. Freedom to design and customize. Since then, we have expanded and offer many types of Vinyl Liner pools based on your wants and needs. We still offer the “tried and true” Galvanized Steel Wall Pool but we also offer Structural Foam Polymer and Powder Coated Steel Pool Walls. These options allow for the use of Salt Water Pool Systems, with out the potential to effect the integrity of the pool wall. On top of these advancements in wall technology, we now have the freedom to make virtually any size or shape pool you can think of. Vinyl Liner Pools are still the most popular type of in ground swimming pool in the Chicago-Land area and there are many reasons why.
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Steel Walls:PAC STEEL steel wall 0216

Factory engineered, each Latham Steel Wall panel is made of corrosion-resistant steel and its strength is unparalleled. Add a five inch flange top and bottom and you won’t find a stronger steel panel. In fact, we’re so confident of that strength, we offer a one-time transferable, lifetime warranty of the pool wall structure. Latham Steel Wall panels combine galvanized steel with innovative design to provide superior structural integrity.

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Polymer Walls:Pool World braces WHITE2013

With the growing interest in salt, graphex walls are also gaining in popularity. The reason is that these walls and braces are made of an all-resin structural polymer that will never rust, oxidize or degrade. Only the Graphex panel from Pacific Pools offers superior strength and performance. There are many imitation panels out there, but all polymer pool panels are NOT the same. The Graphex panel and brace system from Pacific Pools is the only system on the market with 50 years of outstanding performance. Their exclusive Mate-Lock and Panel Lok systems assure proper alignment of the wall panels and add strength at the wall panel joints.
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Ultimate Strength:

Our in ground pools use the same technology that used in building bridges, tall buildings like the John Hancock and even water towers. All of these structures, including your pool, operate best under high stress situations.

Economical Installation:

Vinyl-liner pools are less labor-intensive then Concrete or Shot-Crete pools and are also a less expensive method of construction. Thanks to pre-fabricated materials and a simpler construction process, vinyl pools can be completed more quickly than Concrete or Shote-Crete pools.


Interior Finish:

Our manufacturers have created a wide variety of liner patterns and colors including tile motifs. We will help you choose the liner pattern that is just right for your pool. Weather you are looking for a deep blue Lagoon look or you want the pool to mirror the bright blue sky, all of those options and more are available. Different patterns can enhance the look of the water and complement the pool shape or pool lighting. Liners may feature decorative touches including the appearance of accent tile, which will create a custom tile look with out the tile cost. Your liner will be installed in one piece to create a watertight seal.

 Ultra-Seam Graphics-magnifying glass


Ultra-Seam process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible, creating nothing short of an entirely new category of vinyl liner. You no longer have to put up with visible floor seams detracting from the beauty of your pool!

The Possibilities are Limitless:

No matter what you want, We can build it! From Vanishing Edge pools and Tanning Ledge pools to a complete free form design or the Security of an Automatic Pool Cover, anything is possible!

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