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Interested in a fiberglass pool? Then why not talk to the company that had been installing in ground pools exclusively in the Chicago land area since 1978. Every customer has different wants and needs when it comes to selecting an in ground swimming pool. Family Time, Security, Peace of Mind, Style, Durability, Return on Investment… If any of those describe what you are looking for, then a Fiberglass Pool is definitely an option you should explore!

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Unlike Concrete Pools, Fiberglass Pools allow for flex, which is very important in our Chicago-land freeze/thaw cycle. In addition to the flexibility, they are also 17 Times Stronger than Concrete Pools! A Concrete Pool is rigid and inflexible, so minor ground movements, like a freeze/thaw cycle, can cause it to crack. Fiberglass pools have a tensile strength of 28,346 pounds per square inch. This means that a pressure of 28,346 pounds is required to fracture even one square inch of a fiberglass pool.

Low Maintenance:

Due to the smooth, non-porous, permanent Gel coat finish of a Fiberglass pool, acid washing, re-plastering, re-painting or liner changes are not required. In a concrete pool, the plaster finish actually deteriorates and has to be re-painted, resurfaced or re-plastered. Vinyl liners are very susceptible to ultraviolet degradation and even with the best of care, require periodic replacement. In addition, fiberglass is not susceptible to pinholes or tears from children or animals, which means no unsightly patches. Over the life of the pool, fiberglass will save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and remodeling costs, not to mention the aggravation and loss of swimming time.


Not only does a Fiberglass pool have Low “Long Term” Maintenance, they have Low weekly maintenance and energy use. Since a Fiberglass Pool does not have a porous surface, algae is less prone to attach to it which, in return, requires far less in chemicals to treat the water. A fiberglass pool can save you more than 70% on chemicals. Because you are adding less chemicals, you can run your pump at more energy efficient speeds saving you hundreds in electricity.

Why Viking Pools:

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We believe that Viking Pools are the Best Fiberglass Pool on the Market. It’s not only us that believe that, Viking Pools manufacture more Fiberglass Pools than any other Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer in the world. Viking Pools has been a proud manufacturer of one-piece fiberglass pools for 30 plus years. In that time Viking has managed to set industry standards by producing the highest quality product in the business. The ICC-Evaluation Services recognizes this and honors Viking Pools with the ICC-ES stamp of approval. The ICC-ES is a non-profit company that spends their time and resources on the evaluation of building components, methods and materials.

Since February of 2003, the ICC-ES has been evaluating companies and determining if they are within code compliance. Viking Pools proudly can say that the ICC-ES identifies that the materials and process that go into manufacturing a Viking pool are not only of the highest quality but also continuing to be new and innovative. 

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