In Ground Swimming Pools

Vinyl Liner Pools  vs. Fiberglass Pools

Deciding to do an in ground pool is a big step in itself for your family.  Now you are confronted with the first dilemma...  Vinyl Liner or Fiberglass?  Which one is better?  Which one is more economical? Ultimately, which one is right for my family and I?  The best part is that there is no wrong answer!  Below are some of the features and benefits of the two most popular in ground pool types in the Chicago land area.


Vinyl Liner Pools:
Vinyl Liner Pools are the most common pool to date in the Chicago-land area.  This is partly due to the fact that we started building Vinyl Liner Pools in 1978 and many of your neighbors have an "Aqua Pool".  There are many different types of Vinyl Liner Pools.  The walls of the pools are generally made from U.S.A. Steel or from structural foam walls, also known as Polymer walls.  The main advantage that a Vinyl Liner Pool has, is the freedom to be virtually any size or shape with minimal limitations.  If you are looking to create that natural lagoon feel in your back yard or you are training for the Olympics in a long rectangle pool, the sky is the limit, not what fits down the road like a Fiberglass Pool.

Fiberglass Pools:
Fiberglass Pools are the fastest growing category of in ground pool in the U.S. and Canada.  This level of growth is due to the fact that the maintenance level of these pools, both long term and short term, is by far the lowest.  There are no liners that need to be changed.  They have a non porous surface, which allows for better chemical use.  They allow for the rapid freeze/thaw cycle that occurs in the Northern part of the U.S. and all of Canada. 
The draw backs of Fiberglass Pools are few and far between but their main limitation is the fact that "what you see is what you get"!  There is no customizing the design of the pool.  This is generally overcome by customizing the features of the pools, some of which are a tile boarder, in layed tiles in the stairs and seats, tile mosaics in the bottom of the pools, built in water features like cascades and custom LED lighting.  Another great feature which is generally not available in a Vinyl Liner Pool, is the availability of an in floor cleaning system from Viking Pools.