Why Purchasing an Automatic Safety Cover Should Be a Priority

by Aqua Pools | Mar 30, 2017

Why Purchasing an Automatic Safety Cover Should Be a Priority

Homeowners have pools installed for a variety of reasons. A pool provides entertainment for the kids. It can add value to your home. It offers a form of low-impact exercise right in your own backyard. And the list goes on. But the number one priority for all homeowners is the same: safety.


A fence can deter young children and pets, and an alarm can alert an adult when someone has entered the pool area. But no safety measure is better at preventing accidental drowning than an automatic safety pool cover. When an undamaged auto safety cover is installed properly, it is the most effective way of protecting children and pets from an unsupervised pool.


But the benefits of an auto cover don’t end there. Not only does a pool cover keep your family safe, it also offers energy efficiency, cost savings and convenience. Save on water, electricity and chemicals with a safety cover, and reduce maintenance while you’re at it. You’ll spend less time keeping your pool clean and more time enjoying the water.

Energy & Cost Savings

The energy savings that an automatic safety pool cover provides is something that environmentally conscious homeowners are looking for more and more. And a pool that is protected by an auto safety cover allows homeowners to protect the environment while also protecting their pool. As a bonus, these “green” homeowners are rewarded with cost savings as well.


One reason for this is because a covered pool allows the pool’s filtration system to run less often — which translates to both energy savings and cost savings for homeowners with pool covers. You’ll see the benefits in a lowered power bill, with an accumulation of greater savings over time. And because you aren’t using your equipment as often, that equipment will last longer and require less maintenance, furthering the cost savings that come with protecting your pool with an auto pool cover.


A covered pool also results in less water evaporation, an important benefit for those concerned about water conservation. And now those expensive chemicals that would normally evaporate along with the water don’t need to be replaced as often — another aspect of the cost-saving benefits of a safety pool cover. Coverstar automatic pool covers boast a 90% reduction in water evaporation and a 70% reduction in chemical use. Impressive numbers. Also not escaping with the water? Heat. Save on heating costs during colder weather by not running the heat pump. A pool cover can increase the temperature of the water by 8 to 10 degrees. 


And while you’re keeping the water in your pool, you’re also keeping dirt and debris out. This benefit of an automatic safety pool cover results in reduced maintenance. And what pool owner couldn’t deal with a little less maintenance? You’ll no longer be a slave to your pool. No more scrubbing and skimming the pool on a daily basis, or constantly testing the water to compensate for chemical loss. And if you use a pool service to keep your pool looking its best, you’ll save on costs there as well.


While we’re on the subject of convenience ... automatic pool covers offer all of these benefits at the touch of a button. With a Coverstar cover, choose from a wireless control, which allows for the installation of a second switch without the need for wire and conduit; a touchpad with wifi, which sends a text message or email when the cover is opened or closed; or a toggle switch, which is housed in a weather-proof box. An optional keypad control with a security code is also available, so you can control who can operate the cover.


Choosing an automatic pool cover for your pool will provide safety for your family members while offering energy efficiency, cost savings and less maintenance. That’s a combination of benefits you can’t afford not to invest in.