Temperature Control

infrathermInfrared Cooking Surface Thermometer

The Professional Infrared Cooking Surface Thermometer safely measures the temperature of cooking surfaces without contact for precise heat control every time.
Aim the precision laser light beam at pizza stones, griddles or cooking grids to instantly see the surface temperature before adding food to the grill.

tptxxl1Stainless Steel External Temperature Gauge

This high quality stainless steel temperature gauge has an oversized easy-to-read dial. It precisely monitors the temperatures inside the dome of an EGG, allowing you to achieve and maintain precise cooking temperatures.

BBQ Guru

The DigiQ DX2 temperature control system is designed to hold the desired temperature in your Big Green Egg for hours on end. It is so advanced it will even gradually lower the cooking temperature so foods won’t overcook. The BBQ Guru is simple to operate and features a bright LED display that alternates between pit and food temperature on the easy to read screen.

products-wireless-thermometers540Wireless Thermometer

The Big Green Egg Dual Probe Remote Wireless Thermometer will accurately and precisely monitor anything you are cooking and the internal EGG temperature at the same time. It has a distance of up to 300 ft.
The wireless receiver displays both temperatures simultaneously so you are in control at all times and an alert will sound when the desired temperature is reached!