Above Ground Pools

Doughboy Pools 'The Original Portable Pool'

A company can’t claim the title of “The Pool Professionals” by only selling and building in ground pools. That is why we are proud to offer a full line of above ground pools, semi-in ground pools and above ground pools that go in the ground. Through years of experience, we have found Doughboy Pools to be the best above ground pool company on the market.

Doughboy Pools Going Green: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

* Doughboy builds quality products that are made to last longer than our competitors. Replacing your pools less often will reduce landfill waste.

* Doughboy eliminates vinyl and plastic waste by regrinding all plastic products for reuse.

* Using new electrical capacitors reduces our plants energy consumption.

* Our manufacturing plant is centrally located within the U.S., which requires less transportation fuel consumption. This also helps to control our air pollution.

* Doughboy mandates that all employees recycle paper in an effort to save our trees.

* Doughboy has partnered with King Technologies in an effort to offer not only an easier way to sanitize your pool, but to help reduce our carbon footprint. FROG® products are made with recycled materials and packaging that is accepted at most community recycling facilities for disposal.